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KAZboardCO Skateboards was founded in November of 2002, by Robert and David Kaz. Our vision was to give skaters the highest quality skateboards, with the highest quality graphics. Normally the best graphics are on the worst quality boards, and the well made skateboards just have a companies name on it. We want skaters to have both. Our graphics are the best in the industry, and our decks the highest quality decks you can find anywhere. Our decks are made of 7 layers of Canadian hardwood maple from the Great Lakes region. This region has cold dry winters, and hot humid summers making for consistent tree growth. KAZboardCO utilizes 28 tons of pressure to COLD press together the seven layers of hardwood and alternate layers of polymer glue. The polymer or "Skate Glue" we use has a special catalyst added to prevent sheering. The boards cure for 7 days before going through the finishing process, while most other companies only let their boards cure 1 day. For Kazboards, glue is forced evenly across each layer of hardwood because of the intense pressure without using any added heat, and the layers bond totally together. This results in a deck that becomes one layer of wood. Other board manufacturers use only 8 tons of HEAT pressure. When you skate, the boards take a certain amount of abuse. Heat pressed boards splinter and chip on the ends because the polymer glue doesn’t get pressed evenly because of the lack of significant pressure, and to make up for the lack of pressure - heat is added to the decks when pressing them. When you add heat to a deck it expands and contracts too rapidly. This causes micro fiber cracks in the veneers or layers of the skateboard, and inconsistent glue dispertion through the layers of wood. In the long run, you get cheated because the boards break quicker and need to be replaced. Your investment is lost. This sums up what our company is trying to accomplish in the skateboard market. The boards do not weaken as fast or splinter when you use them, and have the most pop. These boards last and you don’t lose the money you invested in your deck. In addition, they are the best-priced boards on the market.

Our distributor, Ocean Avenue Distribution, is one of the staples of American Skateboarding as we know it today. The founder of Ocean Ave., Bruce Walker, is a skateboarding legend, with over 25 years of experience in skateboarding, Adam, Jim and Bruce of Ocean Ave. share our vision of quality, combined with customer satisfaction, and aid us in reshaping the American skateboarding industry.

The graphics on our decks help to tell a story. We honor fallen soldiers, by making graphics that we feel best honor those soldiers, and their respective countries. To us, giving your life for your country is the most anyone could ever do for others. We like most people, do not like war, and our purpose is not to glorify it. Our only mission is to reach young people, and teach them about the soldiers that gave their lives for their country. No matter what country you are from, someone has given their life for you or I, and we should not forget them. It is our dream that someday perhaps someone will think about one of those soldiers, or one of those past wars, and stop another war from happening. We should be educating young people about war, and about the soldiers that have died, instead of avoiding it in the school curiculums. Trying to forget war doesn’t make it go away, it just pushes it under a rug until the next one. Education is the key. My grandfathers were lucky enough to come home from World War II, but many families weren’t so lucky. Remember those who have died for us, and stop the wars.


KAZboardCO Decks:


The Apocalypse deck honors those men and women that lost their lives for their country during the Vietnam War. Our image represents the end of the war with the medical helicopters coming out of a bright light, and a Vietnamese man about to blow his peace pipe smoke into the helicopters rotors, as these soldiers are carried from this world and into what we hope is a better place.


KazboardCO's Armor Skateboard Deck

Armor Design. Our version of a World War II American Tank, in memory of fallen American soldiers that fought bravely in tank battles across Europe.


KazboardCo's Blitzkrieg Skateboard Deck

The Blitzkrieg board is to honor German soldiers that died for their country. With a new skeleton graphic enhanced image to give 3D depth to the new deck, this board is like no other on the market. No one in the skateboard industry, that we know of, has tried this graphic technology on a skateboard. Our new polymer should give more pop than ever before, using a special new catalyst that prevents sheering throughout the board.


KazboardCO's Phoenix Skateboard Deck

Burning Phoenix. Our version of the Polish flag - this board honors the Polish soldiers that died defending their country in WorldWarII.


KazboardCO's Zero Skateboard Deck

Rising Sun design. Our version of a Japanese Zero fighter plane. This board honors the more than 120,000 civilians that died as a result of the atomic bombs, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the mornings of August 6 and August 9, 1945 during World War II.

ART of a KAZboardCO deck

The process that brings a new Kaz graphic to life is much like what is used in today’s animation industry. KAZboardCO’s artist has been producing animation for movies, commercials, and various other industry related visualizations. The tendency to bring that creative medium into the graphic art of decks seemed unavoidable, although the final deck may include some elements of 2d design.

The first step and always the most important is the choice of subject matter. Kaz Board Co. has adopted the legacy of the soldier into our artistic design. We are very proud of our armed services and wish to honor them and those of history with each piece of art. Our latest design, which is currently under development, is intended to depict the Battle of Britain in which many brave souls fought in the skies over England.

Aviation art can be beautiful as well as dramatic. The initial intention of this piece would be to show two planes locked in a pitch battle all the while in a breath taking, clouded sky. After researching historical sources, this scene would require the creation of a ‘spitfire’ and an ‘me.109'. These are the most recognizable icons of that particular battle.

In conventional 2d art, the subjects would often be painted by hand or in a computer using a stylus pad or another conventional human interface device. In animation the objects are created in a three dimensional ‘world space’ or ‘scene’. These scenes contain most of what will be mathematically interpreted into shapes, materials, lights, and other miscellaneous dynamics such as smoke or fire. Everything has to be created in order for the computer software to use that information to create a realistic three dimensional ‘render’. The advantage to creating things in a computer are numerous, however very time consuming to build. However, once created the object can be reused or represented from another angle without having to start from scratch. This affords artistic flexibility much like a director has in a live action shoot by allowing the artist to ‘find a shot’ as well as the obvious beneficial outcome, an animated product.

Some of the visual elements in the art will be digitally painted in just like in animation. These elements are not three dimensional and are composited after the fact in a normal compositing and color correcting program such as Adobe’s After Effects or Photoshop. The final artwork can then be cropped or sized to fit the parameters of the product.

KazboardCO Dogtag -proceeds go to military families in need-

100% of the KAZboardCO dog tag proceeds will go to military families in need. Our dog tags come complete with a 24 inch stainless steel chain and rubber silencer.